Is Your Bookkeeping Fee Structure A Fear Around Money? 

Have you ever thought your money shortage comes from a secret fear about the mystery of money? That your bank balance is a reflection of your self-confidence, and possibly a lack of understanding of your true self-worth? When you’re in a state of financial lacking, where every dollar and cent counts, you tend to have […]

5 Tips To Find Bookkeeping Clients

5 Tips Finding Clients To Start Bookkeeping Business 

Running a successful bookkeeping business would be so simple if you didn’t need clients. Problem is that without bookkeeping clients you don’t have a bookkeeping business. So where and how do you find bookkeeping clients for your bookkeeping business? There’s a truckload of information about how to find clients and customers, but none of it […]

Start Bookkeeping Christmas Eve

Start Bookkeeping Christmas Eve 

Many businesses have knocked off for Christmas, and there’s bookkeeping looking to start bookkeeping on Christmas Eve. having a little time on your hands, and keen to start your bookkeeping business, you’re thinking that Christmas Eve is totally the wrong time to start. When To Start Bookkeeping Business In reality there’s no good or bad […]

What Lawyers Teach Bookkeepers About Hourly Rates

What Lawyers Teach Bookkeepers About Hourly Rates 

When starting any business you’re faced with a dilemma around how much you’re worth. If you’ve worked for someone else as an employee, they’ve determined your “value” to their company, how much they charge your services out to their clients, and how much they pay you each week. The difference between the two figures covers […]

How You Decide Bookkeeping Rates

How You Decide Bookkeeping Rates 

How you decide your bookkeeping rates is a Big Problem for so many bookkeepers. And it’s one that almost 78% of bookkeepers (and other service professionals and consultants) get so wrong. A typical (but useless) starting point in deciding bookkeeping rates is to phone around and ask other bookkeepers what they are charging. Or you […]

5 Benefits Of Bookkeeping From Home

5 Benefits Of Bookkeeping At Home 

Advances in accounting software, cloud computing, internet access and a whole range of online technologies have made bookkeeping from home a low-cost and time efficient way of generating income. For the stay at home mum, here’s five immediate benefits in bookkeeping from home: 1. Keeping your brain alert Having worked in an office environment, or […]

Start Bookkeeping Jobs From Home

Bookkeeping Jobs From Home 

Sounds Idyllic. Taking the children to school, coming home and tackling the bookkeeping job for your next client. Grab a bite to eat for lunch, reconcile the accounts, save and pack up ready for the afternoon school run. Hassle-free Bookkeeping Jobs From Home… Benefits Of Bookkeeping From Home Keeping your brain alert, Generating income from […]

How Much Do Bookkeepers Charge

How Much Do Bookkeepers Charge? 

[see previous article How Much Does A Bookkeeper Make?]Last October a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO sold for $20 – $52 million depending on which article you read. It was one of only 39 produced. With a V12 engine producing 300 horsepower, it was built for the soul purpose of racing. In 2014 Lamborghini planned to […]

9 Simple Ways To Make Money Bookkeeping

9 Simple Ways To Make Money Bookkeeping 

How to make money bookkeeping is a huge subject for a short article. There’s many different aspects to making money as a bookkeeper. Often the fundamentals are overlooked, so here’s 9 simple ways you can use immediately to help you make money bookkeeping. Some people do really well bookkeeping It’s just like any business. Some […]

13 tips how to work at home bookkeeping

13 Low Cost How To Work At Home Bookkeeping Tips 

You’ve left the workforce, started a family and want to Work at Home Bookkeeping. Or maybe you’re looking at ways to make some extra money. Awesome! Now what? Funny how one simple decision opens up a whole can of worms. Maybe you’ve never run a business before, and you’re thinking you’ve seen others do it, […]

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