My Bookkeeping Business Is Thriving With New Clients

“My bookkeeping business is thriving with new clients!”, says Donna

Donna came to us a few weeks ago quite deflated because she was just not finding any new bookkeeping clients. She’s a great bookkeeper, and not so good at marketing her bookkeeping business.

After joining the Bookkeeping Team coaching program, we’ve shown her how she can find clients that are sitting on her doorstep!

Start Bookkeeping – Don’t Waste Your Money

Bookkeepers come to us because they want to start bookkeeping without clients. That’s after they’ve spent money on advertising – DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

It’s so frustrating! (more…)

Finding Bookkeeping Clients – Confused Mind Says NO

Here’s a simple tip when finding bookkeeping clients – A confused mind says “NO”

When bookkeepers chase clients, there’s a danger that they’ll end up confusing the client – watch the video below:

For more information about our 90 day $30k challenge see http://www.BookkeepingTeam.Net.AU

Start A Bookkeeping Business – Doing What?

start your book-keeping business from zero to $60k in 90 daysYou want to start a bookkeeping business – What does that mean, exactly?

A typical starting point for many bookkeepers is doing their husband or partners books for their business.

You like the idea, and figure that if you can do it for one small business, you can do it for others.

Maybe you’ve been working for a boss doing bookkeeping and office management for a number of years and have decided to become your own boss.

If you’re not careful, doing the books for people at home, will be more like a hobby. Because working from home feels very different from being an all rounder in the office, where you’ve been used to doing everything to get the job done.

If you bring documentation home, you will be responsible for clients’ filling and keeping it in your home office.

You may be asked to visit your client and collect paperwork (sometimes in a shoe box!!) and bring it home for processing.

They might need you to do payroll, receivables, payables, BAS, GST, etc. Or to pay their accounts payables and chase their receivables, others may just need you to simply do their data entry.

As a bookkeeping service you may decide to specialise in assisting small to medium sized business in meeting their GST and BAS obligations, as well as providing a full range of bookkeeping services (accounts payables and receivables, payroll, end of month and end of year financial reporting).

There are bookkeeping services that also provides extras – a full range of secretarial services from typing letters, writing business reports and proposals, general office duties.

Without any bookkeeping clients, none of this really matters! We’re working with bookkeepers starting out their business, to help them to be turning over $60k within the first 90 days. Are you ready for the challenge?

How To Start A Work From Home Bookkeeping Business

A great way of bringing extra income to the household is to start a “Work From Home” Bookkeeping Business. Indeed, so many bookkeepers have seen the benefit of being able to work from home.

These days with the internet, cloud accounting software packages, and so many different choices of file sharing software, off-site bookkeeping has become so simple.

How To Start A Work From Home Bookkeeping Business

If you love what you are doing, then it’s not really work! And being paid to do what you love doing is even better!

Taking your existing experience in accounting or bookkeeping, setting yourself up to work from home has many benefits.

Smart small business operators are saving money by not employing someone full-time in-house to do their bookkeeping, preferring to outsource a professionally qualified bookkeeper as and when they ned one.

This is great for Work At Home Bookkeeping Businesses, as all you need do is to approach such businesses in your area and offer to do their book keeping.

As with any business, you need to invest in some capital equipment, and own the “tools of the trade”.

Most households in Australia already own a computer, though you my consider upgrading, or purchasing a new computer to ensure that your business machine remains dedicated to business activities.

You’ll need a range of software including word processing, spreadsheets, email and accounting software.

If you do not have any accounting software, then you need to purchase some.

Popular software for bookkeepers and business operators in Australia are Quickbooks or MYOB, Saasu, and Xero. If the company you work for uses a different piece of software, they may purchase a copy for you to use at home, or make one of their current licenses available to you.

You’ll also need some basic stationery such as a pocket calculator, ruler, stapler, pencils, notepad etc.
How To Start A Work From Home Bookkeeping BusinessWhen starting to branch out on your own, its better to stick with the accounting packages that you already know how to use.

Sourcing new clients is actually very simple – if you need some help, then Contact us for more details about how we can help you expand your bookkeeping business

You’ll find some tips that we’ve published earlier, just do a search on our website.

How To Approach Bookkeeping Clients

If you’ve been struggling to find bookkeeping clients – then think about this:

How are you appproaching potential bookkeeping clients? You may be surprised to know that there are right ways and wrong ways to approach prospective bookkeeping clients.

We’ve recently been working with a number of bookkeepers in our Bookkeeper’s Coaching Program only to realise that there is one common denominator. Every bookkeeper we spoke to stumbled on the exact same problem.

Once we spoke to those bookkeepers and worked with them, the light bulb came on, and now they have no problems in converting new bookkeeping clients.

Contact us for more details

Why Turn Away Bookkeeping Clients

There’s been two potential bookkeeping clients that have contacted our office today.

Today is the first day in a long time that we’ve been unable to help these clients. Why is that?

Because we do not have any bookkeepers on our database that have any room available to take on new clients.

We are continually amazed by the amount of bookkeepers that contact our website for help in finding bookkeeping clents – yet they fail to appreciate that we can help them in their quest.

There’s many “Wanna Be” bookkeepers who have little idea how to get started with their bookkeeping business, and at the same time they are not willing to take advantage of the years of experience that we have in finding bookkeeping clients

Why is that?

Perhaps they do not trust us. Perhaps they think that eventually they’ll be able to do it themselves. Who knows what the answer is.

It’s really a lose-lose. The client lost out on a bookkeeper, and the bookkeeper lost out on the client.

Why else would you turn away bookkeeping clients

Start Bookkeeping Business $30K TO $130K In Six Months

Tracey was struggling to find bookkeeping clients for three years. She contacted Bookkeeping Team and within six months we helped build her business to a turnover of $130,000 per annum

Bookkeeping Business from $zero to $60k in 12 weeks

Annette told us that it was a big ask to build a bookkeeping business from $zero to $60k in 12 weeks!

“You’ve gotta be kidding! It can’t be done!”, she told us.

Well, if you think you can, or you think you can’t then you’re half way there. When speaking to Tracey earlier in the week, she said that Annette was probably right, you couldn’t build a bookkeeping business to a $60,000 turnover in three months.

And then she added: “Until I spoke to you guys!”. Before we started working with Tracey in September 2011 she was struggling as most bookkeepers do. She had no idea how much to charge, how to command the rates she wanted, how to speak to clients, or anything like that.

Within six months Tracey has a bookkeeping business turning over more that $130,000 per annum

Once Tracey came on board the bookkeepers marketing program, she quickly started to see her business grow. Believe it or not, six months later, she’s got a business that is turning over more that $130,000 per annum.

“Yes, it is possible to build a bookkeeping business turning over $60k in three months – because that’s exactly what you helped me do,” said Tracey.

And the same with Cathy, who came to us in February last year. Within three months she was on her way to inexcess of $55,000 per annum, from zero.

So what’s the secret to their success? There is no secret. You are probably doing many of the things that Tracey and Cathy did to build their bookkeeping business.

As is the case with bookkeeping, it’s not what you do – it’s HOW you do it.

Our bookkeepers coaching program will give you all those answers, so are you ready for the 90 days $zero to $60k challenge?

90 Days To $60k Bookkeeping Business Challenge

90 Days To $60k Bookkeeping Business ChallengeWe’re challenging bookkeepers who are just starting out to start a bookkeeping business turning over $60k in just 90 days.

Is it possible? We believe that for the right bookkeeper, there’s no reason why we cannot work with you and help you build a business to be turning over $60k per year within three months.

This challenge is not for the feint-hearted. Neither is it for bookkeepers who are fresh out of college or university. This program is for bookkeepers who’ve got at least five years experience working as a bookkeeper.

Are you going to take up the challenge to work with us to help you start your own bookkeeping business that will be turning over $60k per year by the end of the first ninety days?

Contact us today for details