5 Tips How To Find Bookkeeping Clients

5 Tips How To Find Bookkeeping Clients 

At the end of the conversation, I came up with 5 tips about how to find bookkeeping clients. But when the phone first rang, I thought it was an inquiry from a prospective bookkeeping client. Because when you’ve set up […]


How To Add $20,000 To Your Bookkeeping Business 

We were asked if it;s possible to add an extra $20,000 to your Bookkeeping Business over the Festive Season.Studying for Bookkeeping Cert IV can be quite tough. You need to be dedicated and committed to go to TAFE a few […]


Building A Bookkeeping Business On Platitudes 

Around 80% of bookkeepers build their business on platitudes; trite, meaningless statements about your bookkeeping services. Telling people you offer data entry services, accounts payable and accounts receivables, is like a mechanic proudly announcing they change the oil and check […]

My Bookkeeping Business Is Thriving With New Clients 

Are you a great bookkeeper, and not so good at marketing your bookkeeping business? With the Bookkeeping Team coaching program, you’ll discover how to find clients that are sitting on your doorstep

Start Bookkeeping – Don’t Waste Your Money 

When starting your own bookkeeping business, why waste money on building a website, making brochures, printing business cards, and putting adverts in the local bewspaper, when you’re not even making any money!

Finding Bookkeeping Clients – Confused Mind Says NO 

When bookkeepers chase clients, there’s a danger that they’ll end up confusing the client

Start A Bookkeeping Business – Doing What? 

A typical starting point for many bookkeepers is doing their husband or partners books for their business.

How To Start A Work From Home Bookkeeping Business 

A great way of bringing extra income to the household is to start a “Work From Home” Bookkeeping Business

How To Approach Bookkeeping Clients 

There are right ways and wrongways to approach prospective bookkeeping clients

Why Turn Away Bookkeeping Clients 

There’s many “Wanna Be” bookkeepers who have little idea how to get started with their bookkeeping business, and at the same time they are not willing to take advantage of the years of experience that we have in finding bookkeeping clients

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